Mare Cromwell - "Intro to the Great Mother Love Way"

Dagworkshop 20 oktober



We hebben de eer om Mare Cromwell (uit de Verenigde Staten) te mogen ontvangen in België op 18, 19 en 20 oktober.


Ze schreef de mooie spirituele boeken en channelings met Moeder Aarde: 'Messages from Mother ...Earth Mother"' en 'The Great Mother Bible".


Haar channelings met Moeder Aarde zijn verfrissend, leerrijk en vreugdevol. We kunnen deze boeken en boodschappen aan iedereen aanraden.


Op zondag 20 oktober geeft Mare Cromwell een dagworkshop "Intro to the Great Mother Love Way - A Quantum Divine Love Experience" - rond de Liefde van Moeder Aarde met wie ze innig verbonden is. Dit is wat ze over de workshop zegt:


There is a New Earth birthing at this time with the Ascension energetics rising across our Sacred Planet. As this birthing continues, there is a spiritual imperative from the celestial realms for humans to embrace a more evolved Spirituality of Oneness (…)

One underlying premise for this course is that our inherent nature is Love, sourcing from the Quantum Love of Creation and Mother Gaia. The trees know this. The whales and dolphins and owls know this (…) Mother Gaia along with the Greater Spiritual Realms are calling for all humans to come Home to this Truth of Love, and learn how to Celebrate our amazing gift of being alive here and now to help birth the New Earth.


This experiential and healing event will be an immersion into a.o.:


        • Experience the tremendous Love that Mother Gaia has for us
        • Practice multiple ways to be spiritually connected with Mother Gaia
        • Renew your soul purpose and learn what Gaia is calling for us to do these days (beyond being sustainable)
        • Hear the call to connect with this Spiritual Council and the Christ Consciousness to support Gaia
        • Gaia’s Oneness Grid
        • Experiencing a deeper understanding of an emerging Spirituality on our Sacred Earth balancing the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in the Ascension process.
        • Learn about the role of the Dolphins and Whales in support of these Ascension Energies, and more.
        • The workshop will end with a guided meditation & activation to help each person connect more spiritually with Mother Gaia.


Let wel: de workshop vindt plaats in het Engels. Er is geen vertaling voorzien.






Zondag 20 oktober van 9u30 tot 17u.




Provinciaal Vormingscentrum, Smekenstraat 61, Oostmalle.




95 eur


Te betalen op rekening van de Oneness VZW : BE15 7310 1251 8530

De BIC code van deze rekening is: KREDBEBB



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